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Cooperative Road Maintenance Program

Prepared by

BRADLEY W. SPAHR, North Newton Township Supervisor

FRED A. POTZER, Newville Borough Manager


When was the last time Penn DOT increased the motor fuels allocation to municipal governments?

Is your municipality prolonging costly road improvement projects because routine road maintenance is utilizing the burden of your state highway aid funds?

When a piece of road maintenance equipment is contemplated for purchase is the response of your governing body ‘we can’t afford that!’……………..


By working together cooperatively and on a strictly voluntary basis the Western Cumberland COG may be able to ease the costly road maintenance burden faced by our member municipalities. The Cooperative Road Maintenance Program will offer municipalities an opportunity to work together to address the following basic road maintenance needs:

          Shoulder cutting and ditch cleaning.

          Culvert pipe replacement.

          Berm replacement and widening.

          Motor paving.

      WCCOG members all own various pieces of road maintenance equipment. We

have limited budgets and limited manpower resources. By pooling manpower and equipment and through effective pre-planning WCCOG can develop a program whereby each municipality can expand their road maintenance program with very little additional capital outlay. The cornerstone of this program is simple. If a municipality participates and benefits from the Cooperative Road Maintenance Program then the municipality is expected to provide equipment or manpower resources to assist other participating municipalities with their projects.

The first step towards implementing this program is the completion of a municipal manpower and equipment survey, a basic summary of what each municipality can offer to the program. The next step is the adoption of a Memorandum of Understanding by the governing body of each participating municipality agreeing to several basic program guidelines. The final step involves a meeting of roadmasters, public works officials and elected officials to plan out a schedule of maintenance activities among the participating municipalities. To start, each municipality should select one project which could be undertaken this summer using the cooperative resources of the COG. Depending on equipment and manpower resources committed by the members, the program may possibly be expanded to include 2-3 projects per municipality next year.




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It should be noted that WCCOG members have already been participating jointly in the purchase of road materials and traffic line painting. Last year the COG proved that by working together we could provide a valuable service to the region. The

members helped by widening the CVRTC trail from Oakville to Newville. When the Cumberland Valley Rails to Trails Council bid the improvements for this section of the trail last month, the proposals came in nearly $100,000 under budget due in large part to the preliminary site work which WCCOG members donated last year!

The PA Department of Community and Economic Development has several grant programs available to fund programs such as the Cooperative Road Maintenance Program. It is quite possible that be establishing the program this year as a demonstration project, WCCOG could obtain a valuable piece of equipment such as a motor paver and roller. The Cumberland County Redevelopment Authority has previously offered to apply for these funds on behalf of the COG.

The WCCOG motto is "TEAMWORK IN MOTION". The Cooperative Road Maintenance Program is yet another innovative example of how municipalities in western Cumberland County may work together for the common good of our residents, as well as visitors to our region.

Respectfully submitted:


Bradley W. Spahr, Supervisor

North Newton Township


Fred A. Potzer, Borough Manager

Newville Borough



Click Here for the Voluntary Cooperative Road Maintenance Project Survey

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