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(1,000  SQ. FT.  OR  MORE)

(Shed B Detached Garage B Pavilions B Etc.)

 Please read all of the following information.

 The following is a check list.  You must have a "checkmark" in all the sections listed below prior to submitting your application.

 _____   "Affidavit of Exemption"  (See attached form)  If you are hiring a contractor to construct your structure, and they have workers' compensation, have the contractor or their insurance carrier provide us with a "Certificate of Insurance" showing proof of such.  If the homeowner or a contractor without workers' compensation is constructing the structure, the attached form must be completed and notarized.

 _____   Zoning or Land Use permit, if applicable.

 _____   A site plan showing the proposed detached accessory structure, the outside dimensions of the structure, the distances in feet, to the front, sides, and rear property lines.

 _____   Two (2) sets of construction drawings that show in detail code compliance for all of the work proposed, to include but not limited to the following information;

      _____ Footing detail including depth below frost line.
_____ Type of foundation.
_____ Roof rafter size (2x6, 2x8, 2x10, etc.).
_____ Rafter spacing (16
@ on center, 24@ on center, etc.).
_____ Thickness and type of roof sheathing.
_____ Ceiling joist size and spacing.
_____ Floor joist size and spacing.
_____ Wall sections showing top, bottom plates and headers.
_____ Location and size of all beams, girder/headers.
_____ Sizes of all doors.
_____ Plumbing, if applicable.
_____ Mechanical, if applicable.
_____ Electrical, if applicable.

_____ Completed building permit application.

MDIA will review plans submitted to determine code compliance.  If the minimum submittal requirements are not met, we will ask the applicant to supply additional information.  If the minimum requirements are met, the plans will be marked "approved".  A building permit will be issued and the applicant will be notified of the inspection fees and when they can pick-up the permit at the Municipal Building.  All fees shall be paid prior to the issuance of the permit.  Then use the inspection procedures provided to have all of the required inspections performed.

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