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October Meeting Minutes

Western Cumberland Council of Governments
Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes of October 10, 2016
West Pennsboro Township Building

 Bill Jones called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.      




The minutes of September 12, 2016 were approved on a Martin/Myers motion. The motion carried. 


The September 30, 2016 bank balances were as follows: Checking $6,872.13, Savings $8,205.98 and Regional Code MMA $126,273.49.  West Pennsboro Township earned $2,555.64 for UCC building permit administration in September, also the WCCOG earned $638.91 for the same period.  The September Treasurer's Report and the October Bill List of $38,803.78 were approved and authorized on a Parthemore/Jones motion which carried.



Dave Parthemore mentioned that HB 782 would mandate townships to have at least two third party agencies selected to perform Uniform Construction Code inspections.

  HB 1155 would require meeting agendas be available and would also prohibit action being taken on any non-agenda items. 

 HB 340 would narrow the scope of personnel issues that could be discussed in executive session.  Also the sessions would be required to be audio or video recorded.

 SB 535 would permit all PA police officers both state and local to use radar and LIDAR for speed enforcement.

 HB 1413 would change the inspection period for motor carrier vehicles in excess of 17,000 pounds from semi-annual to annual.

 Beginning on December 1, 2016 all employees who make less than $47,476 per year will be eligible to receive overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours in a work week regardless of their job duties and responsibilities.

 Jeff Kelly reviewed the Cumberland County Packet.  He mentioned that the Planning Department continues to update its comprehensive plan.  Any municipal comments on the future land use maps are due by October 11th. 

 The Western Planning Outreach Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 11th at 11:30AM at Southampton Township.  The agenda items include reviewing the County Future Land Use Map, the Medical Marijuana Law, Economic Development Updates, and Chesapeake Bay Agricultural Inspections.

 The Cumberland County Department of Public Safety will be hosting a Wills for Heroes Event on October 29th.  This event will provide first responders with the opportunity to acquire free legal documents including Wills, Living Wills, Health Care and Financial Powers of Attorney.  It is expected that this event will provide approximately 400 Wills to the areas first responders.

Vector Control has stopped trapping mosquitos and testing for West Nile Virus, however it continues to trap and test mosquitoes for the Zika Virus.  There have been no positives tests for Zika in the entire state of Pennsylvania.

Mary Kuna mentioned that CAEDC is conducting a military value assessment survey.  The committee is looking for local municipalities' input on different aspects of the military's presence in this region.  It is also looking for perspectives on the social and economic value that the Department of Defense brings to the region and the value that the region provides to the military.  There will be a meeting held at Lower Allen Township on Thursday, October 20th.


Marcus McKnight mentioned UPS reimbursed the WCCOG for the two UCC Appeals Hearings that were held in July.  He reiterated that municipalities should seriously consider the $2 per capita requested for the Cumberland County Drug Task Force because heroine is a severe problem.


Big Spring School District - Vonda Kelso mentioned that the District is going out for bids for three projects: the Middle School roof repair/replacement, the new all-weather track, and the asbestos abatement at Newville Elementary.  The School Resource Officer, provided by the Cumberland County Sheriff's Department, started today.

Cooke Township - Bill Jones noted that the Township is updating its comprehensive plan.  A questionnaire was sent out to the residents concerning cell towers.  They would like input before implementing a cell tower ordinance.  Work has begun on the 2017 budget.  The salt motors and spinners have been sent out to be refurbished before winter.  The Township received its first load of salt. 

Lower Frankford Township - Dave Bachman said that the Township is finishing up mowing along the township roads.  They have installed posts at the park to keep people from parking on the grass.  They will soon start getting the trucks ready for winter. Hopefully the line painting will be completed soon.

Mount Holly Borough - Pam Still reported that the Borough has been working on its zoning for the last 18 months and is getting ready to show it to the public in November.  The paving project on Walnut Street is complete.  The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay currently has a grant available for homeowners.  It is an 80/20 grant for the purpose of bayscaping or rain gardens, because native plants absorb 30% more rain water than grass.  Sheetz has recently installed its new gas pumps.  A medical facility is being built that will house a doctor as well as two physician's assistants.  The Borough partnered with United Way Day of Caring and they are getting twenty volunteers to revitalize an old African American Church. 

Newville Borough - Mike Fry mentioned that the Borough is preparing its equipment for winter. The Halloween Parade is Monday, October 31st.  The Borough is preparing its 2017 budget.

North Newton Township - Dave Parthemore said that the Township will soon have its second budget planning meeting.  They plan to include a $2 per capita for the Cumberland County Drug Task Force. It was discovered that the 2016 budget has a good bit of monies remaining so the Township is considering purchasing a new Mack Truck.  They are finishing up road construction for the year.  One bad spot remains on Fry Road that will require the replacing of a culvert pipe.  Dave invited everyone to check out the new sign that was put up “Welcome to Oakville:  A Stop on the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail”.  A new kiosk, plastic tunnel, and tire swing were put up at the Township Park.  Fall Clean Up was a success.  The Township was unsuccessful in its attempt to get a feasibility grant to tie the rail trail in with the Township Park, but they are not going to give up, they will be trying again in the future.

Penn Township - Gary Martin said the Township tentatively adopted its 2017 budget which will include a $2 per capita for the Cumberland County Drug Task Force.  Debra Dyarman was appointed as tax collector.  The old equipment shed has been demolished and the construction on the new one will soon be starting.  The dirt and gravel road grant for Beetom Hollow Road has been completed for the year.  Two culverts were replaced and four new culverts were installed on the road.  The burn ban has been lifted.  Shippensburg Borough - Kevin Plasterer mentioned that he serves on the Cumberland County's committee for recycling and it is really struggling to find ways to recycle electronics.  A lot of other states are beginning to allow landfills to accept electronics again.  The Borough is currently having its fall clean up.  November is leaf collection month.  The 2017 budget process has begun.

West Pennsboro Township - Wayne Myers reported that the Township continues to work on the new concession stand at the park.  The well is being drilled today.  They have finished mowing all the Township roads.  They will soon begin winterizing the equipment.



The CapCOG will be opening the salt bids tomorrow.  Karen will forward the results as soon as they are received.

 The Cumberland County Association of Township Officials Annual Convention was recently held and the attendance was quite poor.  New by-laws have been proposed to have Townships host the Convention on a rotating basis.  This could prove to be difficult for smaller townships with part-time staff.  North Newton Township volunteered to host the Convention next year in hopes of revitalizing the event.

 Mount Holly Borough Police Department was recently victim of a FedEx email scam so be careful about opening suspicious emails.

 The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m. on a Jones/Myers motion which passed.

 Respectfully submitted by Karen M Heishman, Administrator/Secretary/Treasurer.

 October 10, 2016 WCCOG Attendance Record:

Vonda Kelso, Big Spring School District
Bill Jones, Cooke Township
Dave Bachman, Lower Frankford Township
Pam Still, Mount Holly Springs Borough
Mike Fry, Newville Borough
Dave Parthemore, North Newton Township
Gary Martin, Penn Township
Kevin Plasterer, Shippensburg Borough
Wayne Myers, West Pennsboro Township
Peter Conlow, MDIA
Marcus McKnight, WCCOG Solicitor
Mary Kuna, Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation
Jeff Kelly, Cumberland County Planning Commission
Karen M. Heishman, WCCOG Administrator/Secretary/Treasurer