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November Meeting Minutes

Western Cumberland Council of Governments
Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes of November 14, 2016
West Pennsboro Township Building

 Bill Jones called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.      




The minutes of October 10, 2016 were approved on a Martin/Oldt motion. The motion carried. 


The October 31, 2016 bank balances were as follows: Checking $7,687.46, Savings $8,205.98 and Regional Code MMA $111,184.22.  West Pennsboro Township earned $2,342.04 for UCC building permit administration in October, also the WCCOG earned $585.51 for the same period.  The October Treasurer's Report and the November Bill List of $24,406.71 were approved and authorized on a Jones/Oldt motion which carried.

 The proposed 2017 budget was reviewed.  Bill Jones made the suggestion that he felt it was appropriate to continue with charging the townships half dues again in 2017.  Gary Martin made a motion to adopt the 2017 budget with half dues from the participating townships, second by Bill Jones and the motion carried.



Dave Parthemore congratulated all of the winners from last week's election.  The Republicans gained four seats and will continue to hold the majority in the chamber.

 The House and Senate were both in recess last week.  The Senate will return for a non-voting session day for the purpose of signing bills on November 9.  The House is scheduled to return to Harrisburg on November 14.  Neither chamber is scheduled to return for voting session before November 30 and as such, any bill that does not make it to the governor by November 30 will “die”.  All must then be reintroduced and begin the process again next year in the 2017-2018 legislative session. Both chambers are scheduled to return to Harrisburg after the election to reorganize for next session.

  The Governor signed HB 1413 changing the inspection period for motor carrier vehicles in excess of 17,000 pounds from semi-annual to annual beginning in February 2017.

 PSATS is offering training courses for Stormwater Management and Sewage Enforcement Officers at its facility in early December.

 LTAP is now offering a Roads Scholar II program, participants must complete eight approved courses within a three-year period and pass an in-class quiz.  There are currently two courses available in this program, two more classes will become available in 2017 and four more in 2018.

 The Underground Utility Line Protection Act was extended until December 31, 2017.  This act affects PA One Call.

 The November PA Township News magazine has a great article about salt brine and its potential benefit. 

 Vince DiFilippo reviewed the Cumberland County Packet.  He mentioned that Cumberland County will have no General Fund tax increase for 2017.  There will however there will be a small increase in taxes for the County Libraries.

 There are currently two openings on the Planning Commission.  If interested please contact Kirk Stoner.

 The Board of Commissioners is meeting with members of the State Legislature to discuss electronics recycling.  The County continues to look for electronic recyclers in hopes of having a collection event.

 There was 74% voter turnout county wide at last week's election.


Marcus McKnight mentioned that Penn Township will be honoring three African-American Civil War veterans with a ceremony on Wednesday, November 16 at 10:30AM at their previous burial site.  Then the soldiers will be buried at Fort Indiantown Gap National Cemetery at 1PM.


Big Spring School District - Vonda Kelso mentioned that the District is finishing up the 2015-2016 audit.  Next they will begin working on the 2017-2018 budget.  The District is finalizing the bid documents for the all-weather track that will be constructed at the high school.  The hope is to open the bids in January.

Cooke Township - Bill Jones noted that the Township approved the 2017 budget.  They have been cleaning leaves out of inlets and outlets along the roads.  103 voters came out to the polls. 

Dickinson Township - Larry Barrick mentioned that the Township's 2017 budget is due to be adopted on November 21st.  The Cold Springs Road project, a dirt and gravel grant through Cumberland County Conservation District, is about halfway done.  All the pipe replacements have been completed.  The roadmaster turned in his two-week notice, so the second phase of the project could be on hold for a while.  All of the 2016 road projects have been completed and the Township is working on a list for the 2017 road projects.

Lower Frankford Township - Dave Bachman said that the Township has hauled away over 30 tons of recycling this year.  The line painting was finished up today.  The 2017 budget was tentatively approved and advertised in the newspaper.

Newville Borough - Mike Fry mentioned that the Borough ordered salt under the 2016-2017 CapCOG salt bid and it was delivered the next day.  The Borough tentatively adopted the 2017 budget.  A children's Christmas party has been tentatively scheduled for December 9th at 7 PM at the Mission Outreach Center (the old Newville Community Building).

North Newton Township - Dave Parthemore said that the Township is hoping to educate its residents with regards to farming. As long as the farmer follows all of the State and Federal farming guidelines, the Township and County have very little control over what a farmer is allowed to do on his property.  The farmer with a pig barn would like to construct a second barn and the residents are upset.    The Township ordered a 2017 Mack truck, it is currently at J&J Truck Body getting up fitted and will eventually be going to U. S. Municipal.  This new truck will replace their current truck which is 26 years old. The Fry Road culvert pipe has been replaced.  The Township ordered two loads of salt under the 2016-2017 CapCOG salt bid.  958 voters came out to the polls.

Penn Township - Gary Martin said the Township adopted its 2017 budget at its last meeting.  The water tower is up, but not functional just yet.  The construction on the new equipment shed has begun.  The Township rented a boom mower to trim back the roads a little better. 

Shippensburg Township - Steve Oldt mentioned that the Township has begun winter preparations on the trucks.  They approved 2017 draft budget, the final budget will be approved the first week in December.  The Township survived Shippensburg University's Homecoming weekend. 1800 voters came out to the polls.



Bill Jones nominated Wayne Myers to be the WCCOG President and Bill Jones to be the WCCOG Vice President for 2017, second by Steve Oldt and the motion carried.  The election will be held at the next meeting on December 12th.

 The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m. on a Jones/Oldt motion which passed.

 Respectfully submitted by Karen M Heishman, Administrator/Secretary/Treasurer.

 November 14, 2016 WCCOG Attendance Record:

 Rachel Shambaugh, 199th District
Vonda Kelso, Big Spring School District
Bill Jones, Cooke Township
Larry Barrick, Dickinson Township
Dave Bachman, Lower Frankford Township
Mike Fry, Newville Borough
Dave Parthemore, North Newton Township
Gary Martin, Penn Township
Steve Oldt, Shippensburg Township
Peter Conlow, MDIA
Marcus McKnight, WCCOG Solicitor
Vince DiFilippo, Cumberland County
Karen M. Heishman, WCCOG Administrator/Secretary/Treasurer