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May Meeting Minutes

Western Cumberland Council of Governments
Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes of May 9, 2016
West Pennsboro Township Building

 Bill Jones called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.      


Hubert Gilroy, solicitor representing Allen Distribution, introduced Don Mowery, Jim Snyder, Joshua Hoffman.  Jim Snyder reviewed the concept plan for Allen Distribution requesting two farms totaling 133 acres located in West Pennsboro Township be rezoned from high density residential to industrial.  A small sliver of the land is located in North Middleton Township.  The entrance to the proposed warehouses would be located on Meadowbrook Road.  Both warehouses would be food grade buildings.  The joint comprehensive plan steering committee will be meeting immediately following the WCCOG meeting to offer any recommendations it deems necessary. 

The minutes of April 11, 2016 were approved on a Martin/Myers motion. The motion carried. 

The April 30, 2016 bank balances were as follows: Checking $6,238.03, Savings $8,199.76 and Regional Code MMA $232,862.14.  West Pennsboro Township earned $15,472.32 for UCC building permit administration in April and the WCCOG earned $3,868.08 for the same period.  The April Treasurer's Report and the May Bill List of $59,091.29 were approved and authorized on a Martin/Myers motion which carried.


Steve Bloom mentioned that electronic recycling is still a serious problem.  Chris Ross, author of the original covered devices legislation, has proposed a bill that would basically double down on the regulations.  Steve also has a proposed bill that would exempt residents from recycling covered devices if they live too far away from a place to recycle.  His proposed bill would allow residents to take electronics to landfills where there are proper liners in place as opposed to roadside dumping.

 Steve mentioned that they are heading in to a new budget cycle, hopefully it will be  resolved much quicker than last year.

 Jared Cottril provided a letter from DEP concerning electronics recyclers being able to charge for collecting recyclables.  He mentioned that he is aware of four haulers that will handle electronics recycling for a fee, which he believes to be around $.38 per pound.

Jeff Kelly reviewed the Cumberland County Packet.  He mentioned that the planning department is updating its Comprehensive Plan this year.  The next outreach meeting for Western Cumberland County is June 21, 2016 at 11:30 at Dickinson Township office.  On May 13th the County is having a ceremony to honor the fallen officers over the last year. 

Cumberland County 911 center currently operates an 800 MHz digital system, it is considering upgrading to a Project 25 radio system.  This upgrade would take place over a seven year period of time.

 Cumberland County Vector Control continues with its mosquito collection.  Vector Control will be spraying for gypsy moths in the Kings Gap and Colonel Denning areas.

 Mary Kuna distributed CAEDC's annual report for 2015. Shippensburg is working on a revitalization effort.  CAEDC is working with the Carlisle Airport to determine if public ownership is feasible.  There are currently two manufacturing, one distribution, and one packaging company prospects for Cumberland County.

Marcus McKnight mentioned that several townships were not pleased with the low bidder for seal coating projects last year.  The oil came to the surface during the snow storm.  Marcus contacted Rick Levan, PennDOT District 8 Representative, with the WCCOG members concerns.  Rick said when townships use liquid fuels monies to pay for seal coating, the project must be awarded to the lowest bidder.  If the work is unsatisfactory the township needs to notify the vendor and give them a chance to rectify the problem.  If the township is still not satisfied or if the vendor does not respond, a second letter must be sent before the vendor can be struck from the vendor's list for future projects.

Cooke Township
- Bill Jones said that the Township has been using the road drag and they have been spreading new stones.  They have also been cold patching the hard roads.  They installed three new garage doors. 

Dickinson Township - Larry Barrick introduced Glen Kelso, the Township's new zoning officer.  The contractors and equipment are ready to start the 2016 road projects.

Lower Frankford Township - Karen Heishman said that the Township has been patching potholes.  Their new loader is broken down for the second time in 6 months.

Mount Holly Borough - Cork Shildt reported that two weeks ago a JB Hunt truck knocked down two electric poles and drove straight into a building on Baltimore Ave in the Borough.  The truck caught on fire.  Diesel fuel leaked into the storm drain and down into the ground making the site hazardous.  JB Hunt will be paying for the hazmat cleanup.  The Borough's new zoning ordinance is still in the works.  The paving projects will be voted on tonight.  

Newville Borough - Mike Fry mentioned story time at the library tomorrow will include a medivac helicopter at the playground.  The Borough's Memorial Day parade will be held on May 30th at 1PM.  New cameras will be installed at the playground and various other areas that require them.  The Borough is applying for a grant to purchase a new police vehicle and radios.   

North Newton Township - Larry Hinkle said that the Township will be opening bids for sealing the roads in North Newton Hills and Park Circle at tomorrow night's meeting.  The conditional use hearing for the intensive agricultural operation on Bulls Head Road was approved.  Another conditional use hearing will be tomorrow night for a tractor repair shop on Big Spring Road.  The Township just completed spring cleanup.  They filled six roll-off dumpsters.  This week they will begin mowing along the roads.

Penn Township - Gary Martin mentioned the Township's Route 233 corridor study is coming to a close.  The planning commission will review the study next Monday.  The results will be presented to the tri-county planning commission on May 26th.  The Township plans to buy a new mower.  There are plans to tear down an old salt shed and rebuild a new one later this year.

West Pennsboro Township - Wayne Myers reported that the Township has been cleaning the park up getting it ready for summer.  The community yard sale was held last Saturday.  They continue to work on Township equipment getting it ready.  They have been mowing along the roads.


It is time to renew the worker's compensation and general liability policies.  Erie Insurance Company's total is $717 and Strickler Agency's total is $619.  Bill Jones made a motion to switch the policies to Strickler Agency, second by Mike Fry and the motion carried.

 Bill Jones mentioned he had a flyer from DEP offering grants for recipients to join the surveillance camera loan program.  Karen will scan the flyer and e-mail it to the members.

 The meeting was adjourned at 2:55 p.m. on a Jones/Myers motion which passed.

 Respectfully submitted by Karen M Heishman, Administrator/Secretary/Treasurer.

 May 9, 2016 WCCOG Attendance Record:

 Steve Bloom, 199th District
Jared Cottrill, 193rd District
Bill Jones, Cooke Township
Larry Barrick, Dickinson Township
Glen Kelso, Dickinson Township
Cork Shildt, Mount Holly Springs
Mike Fry, Newville Borough
Larry Hinkle, North Newton Township
Gary Martin, Penn Township
Wayne Myers, West Pennsboro Township
Peter Conlow, MDIA
Marcus McKnight, WCCOG Solicitor
Hubert Gilroy, Allen Distribution
Joshua Hoffman, Allen Distribution
Don Mowery, Allen Distribution
Jim Snyder, Allen Distribution
Mary Kuna, Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation
Jeff Kelly, Cumberland County Planning Commission

Karen M. Heishman, WCCOG Administrator/Secretary/Treasurer