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July Meeting Minutes

Western Cumberland Council of Governments
Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes of July 11, 2016
West Pennsboro Township Building

 Bill Jones called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.      



The minutes of June 13, 2016 were approved on a Martin/Plasterer motion. The motion carried. 

The June 30, 2016 bank balances were as follows: Checking $7,687.53, Savings $8,202.82 and Regional Code MMA $166,692.90.  West Pennsboro Township earned $5,889.60 for UCC building permit administration in June and the WCCOG earned $1,628.52 for the same period.  The June Treasurer's Report and the July Bill List of $58,218.50 were approved and authorized on a Myers/Martin motion which carried.


Dave Parthemore mentioned that DEP passed Act 62 amending the 2nd Class Township Code in regards to the MS4 storm water maintenance and facilities allowing townships to collect fees for the installation and maintenance.

Rachel Shambaugh mentioned that Steve Bloom voted no to the State budget because there was no additional revenues in place to offset the 5% increase in budgeted expenses.  If the governor does not make any adjustments, the budget will become law at midnight tonight.

Peter Conlow mentioned that there is still a bill in legislation that if passed would require the municipalities to have two building code inspectors. 

Vince DiFilippo reviewed the Cumberland County Packet.  He mentioned that the Planning Department is updating the Future Land Use Map.  A draft should be available for municipal review by the end of August.

There will be a Household Hazardous Waste recycling drop-off on Saturday, August 20, 2016 from 9 AM to 3 PM at 310 Allen Road Carlisle, PA.

The County's bridge repair projects scheduled for this summer are currently on track.

Cumberland County is moving forward with the PennDOT recommended regionalization of public transit.  This should be a great opportunity to save costs and improve services to the County's residents.

Mary Kuna reminded everyone that it is DCED, PennDOT, and DEP grant season and if any municipality needs help with an economic component in the grant or needs a letter of support from CAEDC, just send her an e-mail.

Marcus McKnight pointed out that there are two UCC Appeals Hearings scheduled for Thursday at 4PM at the Lower Frankford Township office.  Both appeals were requested by a proposed warehouse in Dickinson Township.

Marcus also addressed the need to renew the MDIA agreement in September of this year.  Peter Conlow told the members that all fees will remain the same except the accessibility inspection fees for non-residential construction.  The plan review fee will be increased from $100 to $150.  Also the accessibility inspection fees would be increased from $150 to $200.  This is the first increase in MDIA's fee schedule since 2010.  Bill Jones made a motion to renew the MDIA agreement, second by Dave Parthemore and the motion carried.  Steve Oldt made a motion to authorize the officers to sign the renewal contract, second by Dave Parthemore and the motion carried.


Big Spring School District- Vonda Kelso mentioned that auditors will be coming the end of the month to complete some preliminary work.  The new stadium buildings are under roof.  Repairs are being done on the Middle School and Administrative Office roofs.  The paving project at Mount Rock Elementary School has begun.

Cooke Township- Bill Jones said the Township has been reviewing its comprehensive plan.  A survey is being sent out to all of the residents.  They are also working on a cell tower ordinance using the County's ordinance as a model.   The Township has been mowing, trimming trees, and weed whacking along all of its roads as well as using the road drag.

Dickinson Township- Glenn Kelso reported the Township received a dirt and gravel grant for Cold Spring Road and the project should start the end of August or early September. The Alexander Springs Road project has been completed.  The warehouse construction projects are moving along smoothly.

Lower Frankford Township- Karen Heishman said that the Township had a little trouble with Guyer Pools in Shippensburg Township installing a pool without a permit.  A stop work order was issued.  The Township continues to mow and trim trees along all of its roads.

Newville Borough- Mike Fry mentioned that the Borough ordered a new gazebo for its park.  They have made the final payment to the contractor for the construction work at the Park. 

North Newton Township- Dave Parthemore said that the Township paved North Newton Hills and Heine Court.  They plan to replace three culvert pipes on Bullshead Road.  The bridge project is in full swing on Bullshead Road also.  Basically, the entire road is closed from Route 641 to Steelstown Road.  Two appeals have been filed concerning the conditional use for the pig farm.  The farmer filed an appeal. Additionally the public group against the pig farm also filed an appeal.

Penn Township- Gary Martin said the Township accepted bids to replace its 50 year old equipment shed.  Two bids were received however the BOS rejected both and advertised the project a second time.  After eight months, DEP approved the water tower plan, so the project should be moving ahead now.  The Township is repairing roads in preparation for tarring and chipping them.  The George Stambaugh farm is being demolished. 

Shippensburg Borough- Kevin Plasterer mentioned that the Borough's Senior Center has been renamed the Branch Creek Senior Center.  Schlusser's Paving paved a walking trail between the Borough office and the senior center.  Other items like benches and a gazebo were donated by various organizations. Branch Creek Park dedication is scheduled for the end of August.  The bids for the Rowe Road project will be opened this Friday.

Shippensburg Township- Steve Oldt said the Township is replacing and upgrading $50,000 worth of playground equipment at the Township Park.  They received some funding for this from a block grant.  The Township is also working on a comfort station at the intersection of Fort and Earl Streets.  The Township is also working on installing a left arrow on the traffic signal at the Shippensburg Airport.  They are hoping to find some grant monies available for that project.  Additionally the Township is working on a drone ordinance, they are using a municipality near Philadelphia's ordinance as a model.  Steve questioned if Township solicitation ordinances cover panhandling.  

West Pennsboro Township- Wayne Myers reported that the Township has poured the concrete for the new pavilion at the Park.  A new concession stand and restrooms are currently being worked on.  The existing restroom at the Park is soon going to be tied into the sewage treatment center instead of a septic tank.  They added additional parking at the park near the tennis courts.  They have been doing some storm drain replacement.  They continue to mow along the roads.  The Dollar General on Newville Road is under construction. 

The UCC Appeals Board continues to search members to serve as alternates. 


The meeting was adjourned at 2:50 p.m. on a Jones/Myers motion which passed.

Respectfully submitted by Karen M Heishman, Administrator/Secretary/Treasurer.

July 11, 2016 WCCOG Attendance Record:

Rachel Shambaugh, 199th District
Vonda Kelso, Big Spring School District
Bill Jones, Cooke Township
Glenn Kelso, Dickinson Township
Mike Fry, Newville Borough
Sarah Jarrett, Newville Borough
Dave Parthemore, North Newton Township
Gary Martin, Penn Township
Kevin Plasterer, Shippensburg Borough
Steve Oldt, Shippensburg Township
Wayne Myers, West Pennsboro Township
Peter Conlow, MDIA
Marcus McKnight, WCCOG Solicitor
Mary Kuna, Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation
Vince DiFilippo, Cumberland County Planning Commission
Karen M. Heishman, WCCOG Administrator/Secretary/Treasurer