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January Meeting Minutes

Western Cumberland Council of Governments
Regular Monthly Meeting
Minutes of January 11, 2016
West Pennsboro Township Building

 Bill Jones called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.      
The minutes of December 14, 2015 were approved on an Oldt/Still motion. The motion carried. 
The December 31, 2015 bank balances were as follows: Checking $5,081.28, Savings $8,196.70 and Regional Code MMA $130,401.78.  West Pennsboro Township earned $445.08 for UCC building permit administration in December and the WCCOG earned $111.27 for the same period.  The December Treasurer's Report and the January Bill List of $27,482.42 were approved and authorized on a Myers/Martin motion which carried.
Mike Gutshall reported STILL NO BUDGET!
Vince DiFilippo mentioned that Bernheisel Bridge will remain closed until February 12th.  Fabrication delays for the bridge's protective safety railing and conflicts between guardrail installation and underground utilities were the reasons given by the contractor.
Marcus McKnight reminded the WCCOG members that he volunteers his time to attend the monthly meetings.  He does however bill UCC Appeals applicants at his normal municipal rate, the WCCOG pays his firm and the applicant reimburses them accordingly.
The UCC Appeal hearing for Big Spring School District concerning the number of stalls required in the proposed restroom facility at the Big Spring Stadium is scheduled for Monday, January 25th at 4PM at Lower Frankford Township's municipal office located at 1205 Easy Road, Carlisle.
Cooke Township - Bill Jones said the Township continues to replace road signs.  They have been trimming trees. Bill mentioned he is currently the acting road master.
Lower Frankford Township - Dave Bachman said that the Township had to trim several trees and clean up a downed tree because of windy days.  The Township has received a complaint about farmers spreading manure on their fields.
Mount Holly Springs Borough - Pam Still reported the Borough's Sunoco gas station has opened.  Sheetz plans to build a brand new gas station right beside the existing one.  The road crew has been trimming trees.  The Streetscape Master Plan engineering firm continues to meet with the local businesses concerning the installation of the roundabout.  The Council will be receiving a 130 page report concerning the Plan on January 31st.  The hope is to vote on the plan as early as March.  The Borough recently hired a firm to totally redo its website.
Newville Borough - Mike Fry mentioned the Borough's Community Park project is complete.  There is now off-street parking and a new basketball court.  Future plans include a gazebo.  The Borough was awarded funds to resurface Parsonage Street.  The police department got new uniforms and body armour after ten years.  The police are now using watch-guard body cameras for traffic stops and interviews.
North Newton Township - Mike Gutshall said that the Township voted to purchase a new Mack dump truck.  The Township has been trimming trees and doing some cold patching.  They plan to replace the bridge on Bulls Head Road.
Penn Township - Gary Martin mentioned the Township had some black ice on Friday which caused several accidents.  They have noticed increased tractor trailer traffic on the Route 233 Mountain, which they attribute to Mount Holly Borough setting weight restrictions on its roadways. 
Shippensburg Township - Steve Oldt reported that the Township had a tree down on Fogelsanger Road.  The University students are due back this weekend.  Marc Rideout, Township Supervisor, has been working on patching pot holes.
West Pennsboro Township - Wayne Myers reported that the Township has been trimming trees and replacing signs that were blown over. The Township ordered a new pickup truck to replace the Ford Explorer.  They are looking forward to the delivery of a dump truck that was ordered nearly eighteen months ago.
Bill Jones asked if there was any interest from the WCCOG members to have LTAP classes.  No one appeared interested.
The UCC Appeals Board is in need of at least one additional member.  The current alternate, Tim Barrick, is unsure if serving on the Board is a conflict with his current job at DEP.  Bill Jones made a motion to appoint Morton Fegley of Lower Frankford Township as a member of the UCC Appeals Board, second by Wayne Myers and the motion carried.
Bill Jones mentioned that he would like to see the old/outstanding permits on MDIA's inspections report be cleaned up.  Marcus suggested that the townships/boroughs contact the residents and let them know all the inspections are prepaid.  Also they should email Peter and schedule the final inspections for the outstanding permits.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:35 p.m. on a Jones/Myers motion which passed.
Respectfully submitted by Karen M Heishman, Administrator/Secretary/Treasurer.
January 11, 2016 WCCOG Attendance Record:
Bill Jones, Cooke Township
Dave Bachman, Lower Frankford Township
Pam Still, Mount Holly Borough
Mike Fry, Newville Borough
Mike Gutshall, North Newton Township
Gary Martin, Penn Township
Steve Oldt, Shippensburg Township
Marc Rideout, Shippensburg Township
Wayne Myers, West Pennsboro Township
Peter Conlow, MDIA
Marcus McKnight, WCCOG Solicitor
Vince DiFilippio, Cumberland County Commissioner
Karen M. Heishman, WCCOG Administrator/Secretary/Treasurer