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January Meeting Minutes


Regular Monthly Meeting

January 8, 2007

West Pennsboro Township Municipal Building

            President Sam Sangialosi called meeting to order and led everyone present in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

            President Sangialosi stated that the election of officers will be held later in the meeting and the new officers will take office in February.


            President Sangialosi reported Commissioner Barclay is to be present to discuss the recycling program, but he will be late.

            Land Use and Transportation Study – A representative was present from Trans Associates to ask if there were any more projects to be included in the study and if anyone had any comments thus far. President Sangialosi asked that Bendersville Road in Cooke Township be considered for possible funding.

            The secretary stated that those who were not present at the December meeting were sent copies of the study and told to contact Trans Associates with any comments.


            Buck Shuller stated that there is a correction to be made. Under Old Business, Election of Officers, it should read the Administrator is not an elected position, it is an appointed position. Walter Heine made a motion to approve the minutes with correction. Bill Wolfe seconded the motion. Motion approved.


            Pat Sangialosi reported the balance in the checking account as of December 29, 2006 was $786.31 and the balance in the savings account as of December 29, 2006 was $3444.82. She also reported the bills for January amounted to $661.60, the MDIA invoices for December amounted to $5169.00, West Pennsboro share for new December permits was $340.80, the COG share for new December permits was $76.20 and a check for the fourth quarter to DCED amounted to $140.00. Walter Beaston made a motion to approve the finances as read. Susan Stump seconded the motion. Motion approved.


            Legislative Affairs – Walter Heine reported he is a member of the Environmental Quality Board and they along with the Clean Air Board are very concerned about the air quality in Cumberland County. He reported that a regulation regarding idling is being worked on and hopefully in the near future will become legislation.

            State Rep. Will Gabig – Kathryn Beaty was present and she reported that no committees have been established yet and no date has been set for the start of legislative sessions. She asked that all municipalities email her with the names of supervisors/councilpersons and the dates and times for meetings.

            Website – Sam reported that he is waiting for information back from the municipalities so it can be loaded on the website. He is also in contact with the web master and he has developed a calendar program. Bill Wolfe suggested that a link be established between the municipalities and COG that way everyone can update their own information.

            Radio Transition Committee – Doug Glass was present to give an update on the radio system. He stated that they are still waiting for all the upgrades to be done and tested before they can come up with a date to put the fire companies and emergency personnel on the new system. He reported that the warranties will not start until all radios are up and in operation. He stated they are also working on a maintenance agreement/loaner program.


            Marcus McKnight III passed out an article on the transportation plan being done by the COG and he urged everyone to look at your municipality and list any projects you see.


            Pat Sangialosi reported the only correspondence was a thank you note from Mrs. Lush thanking the COG for their donation in memory of her husband.


            Commissioner Barclay reported that the County is still looking into setting up two recycling centers, one in the east and one in the west. Bob Livingston asked if prison labor could be used to man these stations. Commissioner Barclay stated they have also looked at that option. He also stated they are looking at other funding sources. Sam Sangialosi reported that if Plan A doesn’t work, the COG may have a solution. (Sam passed out copies of this plan to everyone present.)  He stated that several people worked on this plan, but in order for this to work, the original grant must be amended. The commissioners will take a look at this plan and see if it has merit. Sam also pointed out that if the County doesn’t do something about this recycling, the trash is going to wind up in the mountains and that means the municipalities have to pick it up at their expense.

            Brad Spahr pointed out that if the County is considering land at the landfill, the expansion plan permit has been stalled by DEP and if that permit doesn’t get issued, the County may be looking for another place to dump trash.

            Commissioner Rovegno passed out copies of the County report.

            Morton Fegley wanted to know about the public meetings that need to be held for the Regional Comp Plan and if Tim Cormany has to be present. Marcus reported that there were two public meetings held and now each municipality has to have their own public meeting of the board. He stated it is not necessary to have Tim there unless you think there will be major changes. Marcus also pointed out that there are some issues to be resolved between Martin and Martin and David Black, but he hopes the plan can be completed with the funds available.

            President Sangialosi then asked Superintendent Fry to explain Act 1. Rich stated that the school district is considering increasing the earned income tax by 1 percent making the EIT 2.65%. He stated that all this is doing is shifting the tax burden. He also stated that this increase in EIT would appear on the spring election ballot.


            At this time election of officers for 2007 was held and the ballots counted by Susan Stump and Buck Shuller. The new officers for 2007 are: William Wolfe, President; Brad Spahr, Vice-President and Patricia Sangialosi, Secretary/Treasurer. Walter Heine stated that the past president should be allowed to remain on the Executive Board and he also suggested that terms of office be limited to two years.

            By-laws Committee – A committee was appointed, consisting of Bill Wolfe, Sam Sangialosi, Brad Spahr and Linda Naugle, to review the by-laws and make recommendations as to what should be revised.



            Pat Sangialosi stated that the COG representatives and municipal information sheets are needed ASAP in order to update the website and make up a new directory for each member.

            She also stated that the road materials bid sheets will be mailed in January to be returned the end of February. She also needs back the sheets requesting what other items the COG would like to see bid.


            Sam Sangialosi thanked everyone present for their cooperation during his term as President. Walter Heine also thanked Sam on behalf of those present for his support and contributions to the COG.


            Sam Sangialosi made a motion to adjourn. Walter Heine seconded the motion. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.

 Next meeting February 12, 2007

 Respectfully submitted,


 Patricia Sangialosi






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